Pagny-Sur-Moselle : green setting

Located between Metz and Nancy, the city of Pagny- Sur- Moselle is the perfect place to hike on the edge of Moselle river.


Located between Metz and Nancy, the city of Pagny- Sur- Moselle has plenty of stories. In medieval times, the town did not count much more than two or three noble families. Its low census rate testified to the numerous fires, thefts, and epidemics. During the 19th century, following the industrial revolution, this city developed itself immensely mostly thanks to Fabius Henrion factory, a coal factory dedicated to electric lighting, and to the cinema. The railway was a key element in the industrial development of the city because it allowed importing raw materials.

During the Franco-Prussian wars, Pagny-sur-moselle was under occupation for three years. In 1939, the railway was another time useful for the inhabitants, it served for the military convoys for the line Maginot. Previously, the gothic church St Martin was surrounded by a cemetery until 1854, nowadays only some stelae remain. In Verdun square, the war is still in the memories, a memorial was inaugurated in 1926 in order to commemorate the war effort of our soldiers who died during the two World Wars, the Indochina War, and the Algeria war. More directed on the South, another monument pays tribute to the soldiers who died during the wars of the Second Empire and the 1870s war against Prussia. If the history of this city interests you, do not hesitate to discover even more about it through the different intramural hiking tours!

Edge of the Moselle River



  • Hiking on the edge of the Moselle River

Go to discover the typical dry grasslands on the edge of the Moselle River as well as its animals and plants. This pedestrian tour will open its doors to the historical meadow, the Moselle River, and its flood, as well as the cries and croaks of the inhabitants of the gravel pits. Flourish yourself in the middle of this green nature for 30 minutes.

  • The Ronde Saussaie tour

A little training of 1,7 km to discover the edges of the sluice and benefit from its fresh air. This trail, alternating between falls and turns, will guide you to the confluence of the canalized and savage Moselle River.

  • The ponds tour

By starting from the departure point of the water trails, you could go along a coppice bordering Moulon stream for 3,4 km. Then, you could see different ponds with a protected area of the flora of the moist grasslands. Moreover, benefit from the amazing view over Pagny- Sur-Moselle, Prény and their surroundings. A little of history is mixed with hiking in this tour as you could discover the ruins of an old American provisory bridge.

  • The tour of the old canal of the Moselle River

On a length of 5,6 km, you could distinguish an abandoned part of the Moselle River, but also a view of the ponds belonging to old gravel pits. Admire the different spots of view on the surrounding villages as well as the forest border of the city bringing an extraordinary fauna and flora typical of Lorraine.

  • The tour between vines and orchards

For the most adventurous, Pagny-Sur-Moselle offers you a walk of 9,3 km between vines and orchards, by furrowing trails. Go on an excursion to discover the way of the gothic 15th-century church, but also the house of the Prémontrés. Let you be amazed by the points of view on the Moselle valley as well as its botanic paths and its abundant flora full of beeches.

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