An exceptional exhibition at the Prémontrés Abbey “Le verre dans tous ses éclats”

Discover a new exceptional exhibition at the Prémontrés Abbey: “Le verre dans tous ses éclats. Passé, présent, futurs.” (Glass in all its forms. Past, present and futures”) The exhibition takes place in two parts: first, “a history of glasswork in the Grand Est region (a dialogue between matter and savoir-faire)” from November 22, 2022 to January 4, 2023 and “crystal in all its states” from November 22, 2022 to January 29, 2023.

Une expo unique

The Grand Est region, with its rich history of glasswork, is home to one of the greatest diversities of savoir-faire when it comes to items in glass and crystal. This abundance of skills allows artisans, master craftsmen and manufacturers to produce works for numerous sectors: artisan art, industries, the art world and even architecture.

In the context of the Year of Glass (l’Année du Verre), the Grand Est region and the Prémontrés Abbey have united their efforts to shine a light on the art of glasswork in the region.

At the heart of the Abbey, the exhibition Past, present and future: glass in all its forms invites you on a journey, to discover glass and glasswork: the savoir faire, glassworkers and extraordinary items it can produce, as well as the future of glass as a material.

/ The first part of the exhibition, Crystal in all its states

The first part of the exhibition, Crystal in all its states, will immerse the public in a reconstructed master glass-maker’s workshop and the grandeur of luxury à la française. All the keys to understanding the history of glass are laid out for you, through a display of arts de la table (or the art of decorating and laying the table), perfumery works and decorative arts, that gave the Grand Est region manufacturers their reputation.

The second universe : a history of glass in the Grand Est region

The second part of the exhibition a history of glass in the Grand Est region — dialogue between matter and savoir faire, introduces the living history of glass and glasswork through contemporary writings and texts. Thanks to works designed and created for the occasion by regional glass-workers (artisan glass workshops, manufacturers, glass working schools and Institutions) and the loan of several exceptional pieces, this part of the exhibition is both recreational and innovative.

games booklet and activities available

guided tours (starting on Saturday November 25) on Wednesdays at 16h00 and Saturdays at 16h00

school visits on demand; free for schools from the Pont à Mousson bassin

Open every day except for Sunday, December 25 and Sunday, January 1.

10h-12h & 13h30-18h


Upcoming events at the Abbey

November 18 & 19: GASTRONOMY 19th edition of the Lorraine Truffle festival

October 21 — December 17: EXHIBITION “Imaginaires

February 4 & 5 Wine, Bread and Cheese salon

February 14 Valentine’s Day dinner

June 3 Mother’s Day breakfast

June 11 Saint-Norbert mass

October 28 & 29 Oenological gathering

Guided tours of the historical monument

All-year-round, discover the Prémontrés Abbey through guided tours: an opportunity to see the incredible monument through a new lens, with information about its history, atypical architecture and the huge restoration works of the past few years. An hour of discovery and exchanges, learn more about the institutional and architectural importance of the abbey that marked the destiny of Pont à Mousson and the Lorraine region.

Danced visits

In order to renew its partnership with the compagnie des Affamés, the Prémontrés Abbey will be offering parent-child dance workshops and danced visits of the monument year-round. The goal of the event is to invite people of all ages to discover the monument with bright eyes and moving bodies, all while opening a dialogue with professional performers.

Abbaye des Prémontrés
9 rue Saint-Martin
54705 Pont-à-Mousson
Tél : 03 83 81 10 10

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