Tourism : what are visitors saying about Pont-à-Mousson ?

Pont-à-Mousson is a territory that mixes cultural heritage, nature, water and gastronomy : welcome to this land of calm and serenity.

Place Duroc

Pont-à-Mousson, water town : a unique architectural heritage hidden in the midst of a green and aquatic setting.

Discover unique natural sites at the heart of preserved lands, sensitive spaces and protected biodiversity to the West of Pont-à-Mousson, while you wander the many trails throughout the Lorraine Natural Regional Park. The walks and treks in the Petite Suisse Lorraine will introduce you to sites of an incomparable beauty, like the banks of the Madine lake, or the of the river Esch.

The Ile d’Esch, lovingly embraced by the Moselle river, has become a favorite walking spot for the many tourists that come to Pont-à-Mousson to make the most of the sports complexes, cycle paths or picnic spots the river banks have to offer.

Beautiful architecture

What are tourists saying about Pont-à-Mousson ?

“Discovering Pont-à-Mousson is first and foremost discovering the triangular town square surrounded by arcades. Some travel guides even maintain that it is the only triangular town square in France (and even in Europe!). Listed houses with arcades surround the town square.”

Mon grand Est

A magical countryside

A city at the heart of the Moselle department

“Midway between Nancy and Metz, at the foot of the Mousson hill, this town that spans over both banks of the Moselle river has a discretion inversely proportional to its popularity. Pont-à-Mousson was also home to a University famous throughout Europe. This explains the incredible cultural and architectural heritage of the town.”

Lorraine Tourism

Poney treks on the Ile d’Esch

A town that favours escapism

“Pont-à-Mousson is a town that favours escapism. Mere minutes away from the town-centre, discover the Red Fountain, the Grand Bleu (a nautical activity park), the Ile d’Esch and the various activities available there, the marina, and the banks of the Moselle equipped with walking paths:

A pleasant way to re-energise!”

Lorraine Tourisme

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